Our Guarantee of Quality

All of Tabbisocks products are made in Nara, Japan (also known as "The Sock City") by the craftsmen who have been perfecting the art of socks for over 100 years.

The board reads "Koryo-City, The Sock City"

Why made in Nara, Japan?

Nara is the only “Sock City ” in the world. It has been quietly perfecting the art of socks for over 100 years. 


Currently, there are over 200 sock factories in Koryo-city, Nara. Each factory and its artisan have their own expertise. For example, one of the factories specializes in knitting ribbed socks, while another is known for making high quality, 5 toe socks.


Nara socks are the result of a painstaking, time-consuming process combined with the technical skills of the artisans. There are 15 steps of sock creation. Through each step, the artisan is committed to perfecting every detail with his entire heart and soul.

6 unique Tabbisocks features that define the quality of NARASOCKS “Made in Nara, Japan”

1. Heritage of our Craftsmen 

Our socks are made by highly-skilled craftsmen of which is the biggest difference between us and mass-produced commercial socks. They’ve crafted socks for more than 100 years and many of our craftsmen come from three generations of sock makers. They are the backbone of our quality.  


2. Fine Nylon Back-thread 

Unlike T-shirts, it’s necessary for socks to hug the foot gently or firmly. We use the high quality nylon thread as “back-thread” to provide the comfortable fit and durability for socks made of any materials. Our experienced craftsmen can combine fine nylon back-thread to create more comfortable socks.


3. Fresh Rubber

Typically, the rubber lasts for about 4 to 5 years from the day it’s manufactured. Deterioration of rubber may cause the socks to fall off or give you an uncomfortable itch. To prevent this from happening, we make our socks in small portion and do not carry inventory that are over a year old.

4. Longer Gore Line

Gore line creates comfortable space and fit for your toes and heels. We made the gore line longer and more spacious so your feet do not easily get tired from getting squeezed. Better gore line increases the production time of our socks, but the comfort and quality of our socks is well worth the time and cost.

 5. Over 1000 Colors Pattern-thread

To avoid the socks from falling apart after laundry, we use nylon to knit patterns. Nylon is also the stretchiest thread, it maintains the pattern in place and stays opaque even when stretched-out. In order to skillfully create detailed-patterns on our socks, we chose from 1,000 different colors of nylon threads to increase sock diversity.

6. Sock Clips

The clips show that the craftsmen made sure both sides of each pair are the same length. When socks are freshly knitted, each length of the sock can be uneven. We go through each sock individually to make sure they meet our quality standard and combine them as a pair using the sock clips.