What sets Tabbisocks apart from your everyday pair of socks? Well, we can give you six reasons.


1. Made With Love From “Sock City” Japan

All of our socks are made in Nara by Japanese artisans who’ve been quietly perfecting the art of sock-making for over 100 years. Many of our craftsmen come from three generations of sock makers and are the backbone of our quality. 


The board says: "Koryo-City, The Sock City."


Koryo-city (aka. “The Sock City”) is home to over 200 sock factories in Nara. Making socks is a time-consuming process with over 15 steps. And with each step, artisans are committed to perfecting our socks with their entire heart and soul.

 2. Backed Up by Backstitching 

Socks need to hug your foot, so we use high-quality nylon thread as our backstitching to provide a comfortable, yet durable fit.

3. Fresh Rubber and Fresh Inventory

Old rubber is what usually causes your socks to slide down — or worse, give you that annoying itch. That’s why we make our socks in small batches with fresh rubber.


4. Longer Gore Lines

Gore lines are a good way to check and see if your socks are high quality. Longer gore lines create a better shape and fit for the unique size of your feet. Adding longer gore lines takes time and technique, and most fast fashion socks have shorter gore lines for faster production. Our priority is to make comfortable and high quality socks — that’s why we make time to add longer gore lines to our socks.


5. Never Fear the Sheer

We bind our socks with nylon, the stretchiest thread in existence. It’s what prevents our socks from looking sheer, and it’s also what keeps them from falling apart in the wash (unlike most mass-produced socks). 


6. Over 1,000 Colors to #LiveYourColor

We use over 1,000 different colors of thread to create the detailed patterns on our socks so you can truly live your color.

The board reads "Koryo-City, The Sock City"