Our Value

1. Sustainability, Eco-Concious Legwear Production

We are a company that has most styles available around the world, yet we do not overproduce our products. 


There are too many things that go to waste in the world before they are fully utilized. We get the most out of our materials by creating legwear that lasts.  We do not mass produce our socks but do make our legwear in smaller quantities (120-360 pairs per style), so that there is not too much excess or wasted materials.  In this way, we produce socks with the eco-friendly and innovative materials (i.e. new rubbers) that makes the socks last longer.

2. Living with Quality

We believe when care goes into the creation of anything of which you use daily, then that thing will further enhance the quality of your life. For example, tons of work and perfection go into our Signature Opaque Zokki tights, because our craftsmen want to ensure they last for several years. Things made in high quality last longer and make life’s experiences more enjoyable. This is why our socks  are made in Nara, Japan by skilled craftsmen of whose love, passion, and dedication cannot be replaced by any machine or convenience.

One of our biggest assets is our skilled Japanese craftsmen who devotedly put time, love, and care into each and every sock that we handle. The focus of our product is quality over quantity. We honor all dedicated craftsmen who do things by hand and take pride in their work. We wish to spread the quality of Japanese craftsmanship around the world by providing high quality legwear made in Japan.


3. Omotenashi - Traditonal Japanese Hospitality

Omotenashi is a Japanese expression of which literally means “hospitality and service”. Companies who follow Omotenashi have the highest respect for the people who receive their products. We believe all of our customers should be treated with the upmost hospitality and service.


4. Liven-up The Way You Work!

Everyone takes responsibility for their work ethic. However, each person does it differently, so we cherish this diversity and help people realize how to make the most of their originality. Nobody works to the same rhythm and that’s okay! Here in Tabbisocks, we encourage the diversity of our workforce and remind people to work in the style that best matches them.