Live Your Color with Lily Toda

Finally, we found a Tabbisocks Girl in the Bay Area! Here is the interview with Lily, a girl with a special smile!

-Anthour: Maarlie

June 21, 2017

1. Where did you grow up and how did it shape who you are today?

I grew up in many different places because of my father's job. I was first born in China, then lived in Japan, Australia, Southern California, and finally the Bay Area, where I am now and has been my home for the longest time! My experience definitely shaped me into who I am today by revealing the world through many perspectives and cultures. Moving used to be something I dreaded, but now I see it as a blessing by my parents because it made me a more optimistic and adaptable person.

2. Can you tell us about today’s location and why it holds a special place in your heart?

The Bay Area is the place I lived the longest out of all the places. This is where I grew up the most internally as a person through the transition of middle school to high school and where I grew close with many people. It is one of the most diverse and innovate areas, and all the things that occur here continue to excite and inspire me every day. Driving or strolling around, you can discover new adventures each day throughout, across every cities.

3. What type of fashion do you like and why?

I do not have one style I like because my favorite fashion is the one each individual like and feels the most confident in! There is nothing more stylish and attractive than people wearing clothes that identifies them and make them feel good. I try different styles of fashion, but I tend to wear a mix of feminine and casual clothes that is appropriate for a school student and still reflects who I am.

4. What’s your favorite subject in school?

I enjoy English because I love talking, and my class allows me to discuss about books and documentaries. I also like how creative you can be and how much freedom you have when writing or choosing a book to read.

6.What kinds of work interest you the most?

I am interested in work where I get to interact with many people! Through people, the connections, and the relationship you create, you can grow as an individual or inspire each other.

5.What excites you the most about life after high school?

I am excited to see the "real world". Often times as a high school student, it seems like the world revolves around you or that high school is the peak of your whole life. I know that there is much more out there so after high school, I am looking forward to discovering myself more and meeting new people!

6. What are some important activities and things for you in your everyday life?

I study hard, but I try to balance it all out by studying at a cute cafe and treating myself to a delicious coffee or tea! I also always try to squeeze in time for my family and friends, no matter how busy I am because seeing people you love is a good remedy for stress!

7. What does family mean to you?

My family is my support, my motivator, influencer, and inspiration. I am so blessed to have them in my life.

8. Which cities would you like to live in the future?

I do not want to be in one city, but try to move around for while until I settle with a family.

9. What does “Live Your Color” mean to you?

"Live Your Color" means be vibrant and saturated in what that defines you as an individual. Be yourself and comfortable in your own color!